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You don't need to know it all, but understand everything.

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Do you need more visibility on Search Engines? Did you have bad experiences in the past?

Maybe you hired “experts” that used lots of technical words totally unknow for us mortals.

Or smoke sellers that tried to impress you with their knowledge and they promised results on Google that never came.

Or maybe they convinced you to make some changes on your website an you have ranking issues since then.

Lots of them promise results and improvements for your business and what you get is just the opposite.

I know, going digital can be a bit lazy sometimes. Especially if they overwhelm you with buzzwords and you don’t get why the traditional way of selling doesn’t work anymore.

Whatever the reason brought you here one thing you understand is that your business need more visibility on the Search engines and more revenue.

If you’re looking for an SEO consultant it’s because you’re committed to your business.

Talking to an SEO Consultant is the first step to achieve digital freedom.

Josep M Felip Consultor SEO

Not sure yet if you need an SEO consultant?

Who am I?


My name is Josep M Felip (JM for my friends), a human that speaks your same language.

I’m from Barcelona but some years ago I moved to Brighton, UK, the capital of SEO.

After working closely with important international companies advising them about Search Engine Optimisation, I’m sharing my knowledge and experience with the SMBs.

Why? Because I’m fascinated by individuals ready to go far and beyond with SEO, even if technology scare them.

I help them.

There’s nothing more rewarding than working with entrepreneurs that want to achieve their dreams and support them in the road to success.

Shall we?


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