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No one would think of building a home without foundations, right? However, when it comes to build a website SEO is the great forgotten.

SEO is the foundation upon any digital business is built.

There’s no point to have the coolest developer team if SEO is not taken into account when building your site.

Do not expect results from a marketing team that doesn’t take into account the variables that give visibility to your website on the internet.

Not even dare to dream with the applause from Google if your web designer don’t understand the value of SEO.

The vast majority of SMBs knows they can't build their digital empire without the help of an SEO expert.

Appearing on search engines requires more and more technical and strategic knowledge and giving the control of your business to professionals with no SEO competences leaves you at disadvantage.

Some curious facts about me

  • I’m a twin of a girl named Lidia.
  • I speak 4 languages.
  • My first car was a FIAT Uno to which I fixed the gear stick with a wire.
  • I have several things on my bucket list, like paragliding or have a ride on a aerostatic balloon.
  • I’m in love with the Mediterranean; the Costa Brava is my favourite spot.
  • It’s easy for me to get relaxed and fell asleep. Once I even fell asleep in the dentist’s chair mouth wide open. Being coffee-addict didn’t help.
  • I love to cook and my speciality is…leaving the kitchen a mess; but sometimes I elaborate some delicacy worthy of praise.
  • If we ever meet in Brighton, first pint is on me.

I graduated in idm (the institute of direct and digital marketing) in London.

You can find me on:

Have we met before?

If you’ve already visited the Home page you’ll know my name is Josep Maria Felip (JM for the friends) and that I live in Brighton (UK) the capital of SEO.

I’m the SEO and Digital marketing expert behind jmfelip.com – SEO for humans.

I won’t bother you with all my achievements and titles ( if you’re interested you can find it out on my LinkedIn profile). I only would like you to know that I really know what it means to lead a business and what it takes to make it grow on the internet.

In 2006 I founded the first online wallpaper shop in Spain

Being a pioneer is never easy. I have lots of memories…

I didn’t have a clue of what SEO was, WordPress was unknown to me, I didn’t know where I was getting into.

I constantly depended on the digital experts who, after a while, it turned out that they weren’t such.
I also invested a lot of money in marketing services that the only thing they brought me were constants headaches.

Explaining all my history from the beginnings as a digital entrepreneur until my time as a consultant would be enough to write a book. So I’ll summarise it in one sentence:

Sometimes the worst it can happen to you is the best it can happen to you

You still have time to build a solid SEO foundation for your digital business so it doesn’t collapse on the search engines.


We can collaborate if:

  • You’re willing to apply the recommendations proposed in the consultancy to improve SEO; a recipe doesn’t cure the sick if you don’t take the pills.
  • You don’t look for immediate results. Changes in rankings can appear between 3 and 6 months after applying the recommendations.
  • You understand that consultancy let you know how to fix the issues that are blocking your site from going up in the search results and it doesn’t includes applying the proposed changes.
  • You have a budget to apply the proposed changes.

We can’t collaborate if

  • You don’t have the capacity nor the budget to apply the technical and strategic fixes from the consultancy.
  • You believe in miracles and expect your site will magically rank better in no time.
Josep M Felip Consultor SEO

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