Grow your business in different countries and collect the fruits.

Let me tell you a story.

It’s about you, your business and how you managed to rank in several countries thanks to International SEO Consultant.

It’s about how your company went from being just a drop in the vast ocean Google is, to rank in the international search results.

I’ll  tell you this story through a metaphor.

Some time ago your business wasn’t very visible on the Internet. It was like a bonsai which you gave it your time, your energy and your money.

You were proud of it but often you would find asking yourself  if it would be sensible to keep their roots in just one country.

One day you decided to grow your business and free their roots so they could expand in the immense Google garden.

You remember this moment as an uncertain and difficult one. At home your SEO was under control and going out and you feared exploring new countries; but deep down you knew you were doing the right thing.

Your digital business deserved to reach its maximum potential and avoid it wasn’t an option. It was the moment to assume risks and explore new paths.

You weren’t alone. You had the support and help from and International SEO consultant to guide you and tell you what to do at each moment in a clear and easy way.

Do you want to now how the story ends?

With a happy ending as it couldn’t have been otherwise. Because you followed the advice of the International SEO expert and after some time you started to see positive results.

Now looking back you realised that having the support of an International SEO consultant is priceless.

Your company started like a little bonsai and now is like a tall and robust tree.

It’s grown so much that it doesn’t go unnoticed indeed. Everyday there’s more and more people that knows it.

Moreover, the fruits you collect are greater and juicier than before having the International SEO.

The experience it’s been worth. There’s only one “but”: your neighbours hate you; your company shadows theirs and they can’t stand it’s bigger and lush.

Unlike you, your competition hasn’t yet realised that sowing in Spain won’t give you fruits in Mexico, or that sowing in Colombia won’t give you rewards in the UK.

Take advantage of it.

A multilingual site without international SEO is like trying to keep the roots of your business into a pot.

Little tree on the hand

In a global world you should aspire to more.

Give your business international visibility and be open to new opportunities. If you don’t do it your competitors will.

Do you want your business to be visible in other countries?

You need to adapt the SEO on your page to appear on those countries search engines; even if they speak the same language.

You need an International SEO consultant to fertilise the soil in which you’ll plant the visibility seed of your business abroad.

Have doubts? You fear investing a lot of effort and money just to have little in return?

I’ve great news for you: with clear objectives and an International SEO consultant at your side you can’t fail.

Promote your business in more markets and get more traffic, more customers and more revenue.

Pure common sense: more trees=more fruits.

In a hurry? Here’s the bad news. You won’t get results overnight. But this shouldn’t stop you, because International SEO is like a plant: you first sow and then you make it growth.


A technical analysis of your website, a selection of keywords that brings more ROI (for each language), a strategic study of the obstacles and opportunities to rank your business in each country and a competitive analysis to attack the weakest points of your competitors and leverage your SEO strengths.

Most professionals offer the technical and the content consultancy separately, but this makes no sense to me.

SEO is a whole and to separate the technical part from the content is like frying an egg and serve the white only.

I want you to understand what’s wrong in your website so you can decide consequently.

  • The platform you work with.

  • Your company’s SEO objectives.

  • The human team you count on to implement the recommendations for the International SEO.

  • The budget you have to implement the recommendations on your site.
    *The budget is based on the individual needs of each client and can’t be done without having the SEO objectives to reach.
  • You’ll discover the technical bits that affect negatively your International SEO.

  • You get guidance about how to fix them and their priority so you can get results sooner.

  • You receive a full study of your competition, essential to plan a good search strategy, to lessen their weakest points and enhances your strengths.

  • You get a list of keywords with the highest ROI so you can see a rapid return on your investment on International SEO.

Still not sure if you need my services?

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